McLean County Sheriff

The current McLean County Sheriff is J.R. Kermann of Garrison. He was elected to office in 2014. 

The sheriff is responsible for:

  • Keeping of law and order in the county
  • Serving civil and criminal papers for the court systems
  • Operation of the county jail and housing of prisoners
  • Attending district court to carry out orders of the judge
  • Serves as a member of the county E-911 Advisory Board
  • Oversees operations of police contracts with all cities in the county

The Sheriff's Department can be contacted by calling (701) 462-8103. The e-mail address is: and the office fax number is (701) 462-3441.

Contact Info

J.R. Kermann
McLean Co., Sheriff
(701) 462-8103

Picture of Police Vehicle

McLean County Sheriff Department