City Advisory Boards

The City of Washburn is an active community dedicated to improving ourselves, our environment and are committed to leaving our community better that when we found it.  A wide variety of Boards and Commissions meet within our boundaries. 

The  dedication of the volunteers who serve on these Boards and Commissions believe it is not only the right, but the responsibility of interested and capable citizens to become engaged in local government policy by advising the President and City Commission members on important community -related issues. 

Serving on a Board or Commission is an excellent way to make a personal contribution to Washburn's  growth and can be a rewarding experience for everyone! 

Below is a list of our Boards & Commissions within the City of Washburn.  For more information please call (701) 462-8558.

  • Planning & Zoning
  • Forestry Board
  • City Commission
  • Board of Equalization
  • Airport Authority
  • Library Board
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Special Assessments